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Angela Coyle, LCSW

Counselor & Co-Founder

Change is uncomfortable, however, you don't need to face it alone. I am honored to walk with you along your journey towards health and wellness as a source of support, encouragement and safety. By providing a space of acceptance and non-judgment, we can begin the process of exploration and recreating your narrative. My clinical expertise includes addiction and dependency, trauma, depression, anxiety, relationship changes and grief. Let me assist you to lighten your load and walk your path less hindered.
I have an eclectic approach, utilizing evidenced based methods across cognitive behavioral, motivational, mindful-based, and trauma informed modalities. Your services will be tailored to your own individual needs, personalized for your own treatment. Everyone's struggles are their own, and so too should be their resolution.
Life can be overwhelming, especially with current ever changing dynamics. Let me assist you in regaining stability and direction for your unfolding future!



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