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Adam Hoxter, MS

Resident in Counseling

There are so many in today’s world struggling, to be heard, to find hope. In my lifetime I have experienced, traumas, loses and grief. Understanding the significance of events on overall wellness,  I want nothing more than to give others the opportunity to find hope, to find a way out of whatever hole they might be in,  To strengthen their resiliencies to overcome whatever barrier might be holding them back.

People of all ages, cultures, and ways of thinking all have struggles and I offer a safe environment to be heard, and to finally obtain freedom from whatever ails you, be it addiction, trauma, or new adjustments in life.  I want to help you find the hope you need for a better quality of life. 

I work from an eclectic standpoint, believing fully that each person has their own unique story, or maybe battle for some. There is no standard modality for each person but rather just a desire to hear your particular story, and assist you in your endeavor to live the best possible.

Currently accepting Medicaid, Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield. Cigna and Optima, as well as, self-pay clients.

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